Is It Necessary to Buy a Car Air Purifier?

With the development of high-tech industries, air quality is facing great challenges. Some car owners think they don’t need to care about air quality in the car. But the truth is not as they imagined. We need to pay attention to the air in the car. This is important.

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Do air purifiers really work? This is a question that some people often ask. We can learn a lot about air purifiers from the news, TV and some experts. But different people have different opinions.If you know how air purifiers work, then you must know that air purifiers really work.

We can know that most air purifiers are composed of fans, motors and filters. The working principle of the air purifier, in simple terms, is that the motor, fan and air duct system in the machine circulate the indoor air, and the air passes through the filter to remove or adsorb various gaseous and solid pollutants.

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Air purifiers are not only used indoors, but also in cars. Because the air quality in the car is also very important. The car air purifier is specially used to purify PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde,TVOC, etc.), odor, bacteria and viruses in the air in the car.

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There are three types of AIRDOW car air purifiers, which are filter car air purifiers, electrostatic dust collector car air purifiers, and ozone car air purifiers.

1. Filter car air purifiers use various filters to filter and purify the air. It can effectively purify the dust, formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the car. Commonly used activated carbon filters, HEPA filters, etc.
2. electrostatic dust collector car air purifiers use high-voltage static electricity to charge the particulate matter, and then adsorbs it on the charged dust removal board.
3. Because ozone has a good bactericidal effect, it can remove microorganisms such as bacteria in the air. But it should be noted that it needs to be used when there is no one in the car. Pay more attention to the ozone concentration in the car. If the concentration exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to human health.

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Post time: Sep-07-2022